Electronic Visit Verification

The first mobile workforce management system for homecare. Our patented system can verify, within one-foot, where all your homecare staff are working.


Built by Homecare Professionals

EVV Systems is a product of Unison Workforce Technologies, LLC. Our Unison team has used over thirty years of homecare experience to develop an unrivaled EVV system. EVV Systems was made by Homecare Professionals for Homecare Professionals.

Our user-friendly dashboard allows for management to easily view their entire workforce, as well as monitor staff efficiency, in a single place.

Sales staff, clinical staff, supervisory staff, and DCWs, from any facility, home can be accurately monitored. We can now monitor DCWs within a one foot radius during check-in and check-out times at the Client’s home.

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Our EVV System

Real-time Tracking

Through the advanced use of Bluetooth, GPS, and Mobile Based Location Services, our system accurately verifies employees are physically at their appointed work location.

  • Real-Time Location Tracking
  • Real-Time Work-shift And Visit Status
  • Real-Time Communication With The Employees


Managing large scale operations often require more restricted accountability. Due to this, our system can restrict shifts down to designed start and end times.

  • Easy-to-use Appointment System
  • Unique Appointments for Live-in and Hourly Employees
  • Quick Editing of Existing Appointments

Alert & Notifications

We offer fully customizable Alerts and Notifications that maintain constant communication from your employees. These alerts can even be fully configured by job position to make sure relevant alerts go to the specific people that require them.

  • Real-time employee notifications
  • Shift Status Updates
  • Fully Customizable

Work Checklist

One of the key components of our system, is the ability to track the completion of appointed tasks. Employers are now able to design custom checklists that all of their employees are required to complete even unique by physical locations.

  • Customizable by Work Location
  • Easy to Answer The Questions Through Our Mobile Device
  • Ideal for Every Industry

Reports & Payroll

We have designed fully exportable and very accurate payroll accounting reports. We offer the ability to export by CSV or PDF file formats for easy importing into any existing payroll system.

  • Accurate Down to the Minute
  • Easy to Print and Validate Completed Shifts
  • Fully Importable into Existing Payroll Systems

Powerful Features

Check-in. Check-list. Check-out. Done.

1 Foot Accuracy

Live GEO Tracking

Continuous Monitoring

Unsupervised Management

Fraud & Waste

Client Task Accountability

Check-in. Checklist. Check-out. Done.

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